Anonymous said:
Hello! I found your "3 gif tutorials" tutorial (lol) and with the tweening part, whenever I do it, the newly created frames are always too transparent, like I can pretty much see the checkered background on photoshop. I was wondering if you can adjust the opacity or if you have any tips on it? because going back and adjusting the opacity of every "tweened" layer/frame is quite troublesome lol Thank you very much!

hmm it should just automatically make all the opacities the same when you save it optimized for gif it should not look as transparent as it does in the actual photoshop window. I have no idea why it is doing this for you because it shouldn’t I’m sorry I wish I could help more :(

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skeletae said:
For your gif making tutorial, Im trying to tween, but I just want to tween one gif, like its transitioning itself into.. itself. I keep getting the transparent checkerboards when Im doing it and Idk how to fix that? Help please!(:

did the checkerboards still show up when you went to save it?

On the preview in Photoshop itself they show up, but when you go to optimize the gif they should go away on that preview.

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grandmasterweasley-deactivated2 said:
i read your tutorial on making gifs in psc5 and i was just wondering. what is the chrome plugin you have called (or the link would be better)? thanks! :)

it’s called Flash Video Downloader, just type it in Google and it should be the first one that comes up :)

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Windows Down Music Video WallpaperRequested by Anon
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Full size: 1280x800

Windows Down Music Video Wallpaper
Requested by Anon

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Full size: 1280x800

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Anonymous said:
could you do a wallpaper with pics from the windows down music video please :) :)

Sure thing! It’ll be up soon :)

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ondae said:
HELLO! just wondering whats the plug-in google chrome you mention in your gif tutorial for PSCS6? for downloading the video with one click?? THANKS :))))

It’s called Flash Video Downloader. Just type “Flash Video Downloader Chrome” in google and then it should be the first one on a website called CNET :)

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3 Gif Making Tutorials for Photoshop CS6

#1 - Basic Gif Making in CS6

and the “fade” effect

Program: Photoshop CS6
Translatable? Yes, however the purpose of this tutorial is to teach with the new CS6 interface.
Difficulty: Easy/Medium (making any type of gifs can get very frustrating)


#2 - Motion Transition Gifs

Now I’m going to show you how to make gifs like this:

Program: Photoshop CS6 
Difficulty: Hard at first, medium/easy once you get the hang of it.
Requirements: Previous knowledge of gif making.
Translatable? Yes


#3 - Pixel Transition Gifs


Program: Photoshop CS6 
Difficulty: Medium/easy
Requirements: Previous knowledge of gif making.
Translatable? Yes

Read More

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Love Always, Charlie.

Love Always, Charlie.

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